AE Smart Factsheets

Here are your AE Smart fact sheets that explain auto-enrolment in a clear, jargon-busting way. Please contact your AE Sure guide if you have any questions.
AE Smart Fact Sheet 100: What is Auto-Enrolment?

This guide introduces you to the main principles and concepts of auto-enrolment and how it affects you. It also tells you who should enrol and how much you need to pay.

AE Smart Fact Sheet 110: Staging Dates

This fact sheet explains what a Staging Date is, why it is important, and how an employer can check and change their Staging Date.

AE Smart Fact Sheet 120: Who Does Auto-Enrolment Cover?

This fact sheet explains who auto-enrolment covers. Who do you need to assess and potentially pay contributions for? Are there any people that work for you who you don’t have auto-enrolment duties towards?

AE Smart Fact Sheet 130: Which Earnings Should I Use?

This fact sheet explains what earnings components should be included when you assess employees and when you calculate contributions.

AE Smart Fact Sheet 140: Thresholds Summary

This factsheet summarises the auto-enrolment thresholds which are used to categorise employees and calculate earnings for statutory minimum contributions.

AE Smart Fact Sheet 200: What Pension Schemes Can I Use?

This factsheet explains what features a pension scheme must have so that you can use it for auto-enrolment. It helps you understand if your existing scheme is suitable for auto-enrolment.

AE Smart Fact Sheet 310: Should I Use Contractual Enrolment?

This fact sheet explains the difference between automatic-enrolment (AE) under the AE legislation and contractual enrolment under employees’ contracts of employment (CE). It helps you work out if CE is an option you should use.

AE Smart Fact Sheet 330: Communications checklist

This fact sheet explains the information that you must give your employees automatic enrolment, the time scales for providing it, what it should contain and the forms in which it may be delivered. It also covers extra communications that you may choose to issue.

AE Smart Fact Sheet 340: Do I Need to Consult Employees?

This fact sheet explains the changes to pension schemes that are subject to a 60-day consultation period.

AE Smart Fact Sheet 350a: A4 Flyer

A A4 flyer template that explains to employees what auto-enrolment means and how it could affect them. You can adapt it to suit your own circumstances and use it to give your employees advance notice of the new workplace pensions rules.

AE Smart Fact Sheet 350b: A3 Poster 1

An A3 teaser poster template that you can adapt and put up to let employees know that auto-enrolment is coming and that you’ll give them more details nearer the time

AE Smart Fact Sheet 350c: A3 Poster 2

An A3 poster template that explains what different categories employees fall into in a clear, flowchart format.

AE Smart Fact Sheet 350d A3 Poster 3

An A3 poster template that explains how the automatic enrolment process works in a clear, visual way.

AE Smart Fact Sheet 410: Auto-Enrolment Certificate

A template auto-enrolment certificate that you can complete if you need to certify.

AE Smart Fact Sheet 420: Registering With The Pensions Regulator

This factsheet explains the information that you must provide to the Pensions Regulator about how you have met the automatic enrolment rules and when you have to do it.

AE Smart Fact Sheet 430: How are HR procedures affected?

This fact sheet explains the safeguards that protect the pension rights of both your current and prospective employees. These applied to all employers from July 2012 and we recommend that you update you HR procedures and guidance.

AE Smart Fact Sheet 400: Do I Need To Certify?

This fact sheet explains when you need to certify that your pension scheme meets the minimum contribution levels for auto-enrolment. It describes the process for and benefits of certifying your scheme.