Costs and options

Entry level service £3,500


AE Smart Foundation – expert help from start to finish
  •  A comprehensive planning meeting to review your circumstances and agree action.
  •  A tailored auto-enrolment project plan.
  •  Regular progress reviews with your dedicated JLT guide.
  •  Expert answers to your questions, when and as they occur to you.
  •  AE Smart clear, jargon-busting factsheets and how-to guides.
  •  Standard templates for AE communications.

Optional work packages £500 – £5,000

AE Smart Specifics – choose any of our pay-as-you-go work packages for extra support


  • Reviewing contracts to check if AE applies to someone.
  • Modelling the cost of pension contributions.

Pension design & selection

  • Designing your scheme strategy and contribution structures.
  • Checking if your current scheme is suitable for AE.
  • Updating your scheme rules for AE.
  • Choosing a new scheme.
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Operations & communications

  • Defining how you will process AE.
  • Checking that your communications comply with AE rules.
  • Drafting consultation communications if you are changing employees’ pension entitlements.
  • Updating your scheme booklet for AE.
  • Drafting changes to your HR procedures and employment contracts.

Implementation & management

  • Managing your AE processing and pension suppliers.
  • Drafting AE certification.
  • Setting up your pension scheme.
  • Monitoring your scheme to check it’s still suitable and keeping you up to date about pensions developments.
  • Transferring assets from previous schemes.